Beauty of Nature

An Article from back in School Days…

My words are not adequate to esteem the glamour of nature. It is really hard to describe the beauty of nature in words. But feeling these, I know nobody will able to be silence. Our mind will be brimmed with such admiration that we will be unable to control the eruption of adorable words from our mouth.

We had succeeded to show the beginning of this world, of this universe…. but when we talk about this beauty of nature; there is no point from where we should we start and make an end!!!

In brief, the beauties of the nature are hidden in different seasons. Like spring, summer, autumn & winter.

A year began with winter and end with winter. We can also call it as ‘snow season’. Snowflakes fall on trees, on roofs, on our shoulders and on our palms, raising a peaceful pleasure in our mind. Our environment turns; green to white. People wear fur jackets with hood, wear thick gloves, snow shoes, black glasses and mufflers to warm-up oneself from this mild winter. Running on the thick layer of snow, throwing snow balls to each other, is really funny. There is more fun when we trek to the top hill and descend down skiing. In this foggy season, teas and coffees will be our best friend, when we shiver with cold and steaming out in breath.

After cooling the world, for about 3 months it will pass our world to spring. Spring, once again begins to wrap up our environment with warm weather. When the weather becomes warmer leaves and plants start to grow again and flowers appear. Many bulbs bloom in spring. Our environment begins to feel with colourful flowers and its fragment flows to all around. Spring will pass the season to summer.

As summer begins it seems to be dully days. But if you think the fine qualities it is a pleasant season. Children will be fully busy running towards ice-cream vendors. We can have different kinds of ice-cream like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate etc. We will get huge opportunity to take our partners or friends at cold drinks shop. Summer helps us to be in-door for few weeks. It is so nice to have breakfast on the balcony in summer mornings and sleeping at the roof in these warm summer nights. People in villages gather under the shadow of a big tree and have chats and play some mind games. But in some places people go to beach and have deep swim.

After 3 month of hot summer, when the rain drops touch the ground, it naturally feels like life is back. It is called ‘monsoon’ in India. Environment goes greener and greener. And this is for 3 months of summer, farmers have nothing to do but rainy brings them back to their job & this is start of new academic year in schools and colleges. This is time of celebration and joy, with a lush green environment, and beginning of a series of religious festivals and occasions one after another. I love the evenings of rainy season when there are different beautiful designs of clouds appear in the sky in different colors.

Autumn will approach as a ‘fall season’. Fruits and crops become ripen and will be gathered in this season and leaves fall. We will get lots of delicious juicy fruits to eat. It also makes nice scenery. When all the colourful leaves fall on the ground it seems like whole paradise is fallen on earth.

While writing these lines, I was totally lost in the fantasies of the beauty of nature. Take the beauty with better perspective, and always enjoy its pleasure.

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